This project illustrates the fluidity of the design and installation process that can achieved by Groundforce. The process began with a site meeting where the client’s wish-list was discussed and the scope of the work was defined. We established an initial concept plan with the client which included preliminary budget and time-lines.

Following approval of the concept plan we prepared a formal quotation and drew up a contract for services. Our plan, including drawings and specifications for design, materials and plants helped translate the client’s Mediterranean theme into a functional west-coast reality.

The complete project started with a site survey and continued from excavation and grading, installation of masonry, retaining walls, stairs and a paving stone driveway, to irrigation, planting and landscaping. The landscape design facilitated an efficient order of operations and allowed us to accommodate minor revisions to the plan by the homeowner. The job was completed on-time and on-budget. The aesthetic achieved illustrates the importance of having the landscape designers and installers work hand in hand with the masons.

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