This Vancouver project gave the Groundforce team an opportunity to work with some very unique natural materials.

Polished limestone paving stones were set in aggregate and jointed with a polymer based sand around the exterior of the house. Paving stone patterns ranged from a large ashlar format in the front yard, to smaller herringbone and cobble style patterns for the the walkways and patios.

Natural, thin stone veneered limestone was imported from Texas and was used to face all the courtyard walls, exposed foundation, concrete posts, columns and retaining walls . Multiple sets of stairs had their treads capped with polished limestone, and risers faced with veneered limestone.
Custom coloured concrete coping was used to cap the many courtyard walls, and the circular water feature at the front entrance.

The clients pets were an important design consideration, and special efforts were made when constructing the dog run. These included installing a free-draining artificial lawn, and adding a special enzyme into the aggregate substrate to eliminate animal odour.

Groundforce installed all the landscape lighting. This included well lights, uplighting, step lights and path lights, and submersible water feature lights. This lighting system was hardwired into the smart system of the house, and can be controlled remotely.

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