Just as you would not build a house without proper plans and permits, you should not put together a landscape without a design, no matter how small. Putting a landscape design together is a process. Collaborating with a professional to produce a landscape design goes a long way.

The designing phase consists of research, idea gathering, and planning. During this phase we will work with the homeowner/client to create a wish list and define the scope of work which will ultimately end in a landscape design that is within the budget and schedule.

The technical illustrations below take you through the design process from start to finish, beginning with the dimensions, lighting plan, planting to the full colour rendering of a project.


This drawing provides dimensions and text that is needed for construction and city/municipal requirements.  These drawings can be submitted for permits or simply for construction.

Lighting Plan

This drawing provides clarity to the client and installation to ensure the landscape lighting is installed in the correct location.  A similar drawing is available for irrigation.


This drawing is produced after all the revisions and changes have been made.  It will and include plant labelling and a plant schedule

Colour Rending

This drawing is simply to help show the plant layout by using colour textures to help identify the differences in the plantings and to show off the general richness to the landscape design.

Design Process Gallery