Landscaping is all about outdoor living spaces with plants, stones, and sometimes water.

Enhance Your Personal Space. Combine natural beauty with functionality to create aesthetic and distinctive outdoor areas – large or small – for your home. Groundforce begins with professional consultation and the client ends up with rewarding results.

We offer a wide range of Landscaping Services including Demolition and Excavation, Grading and Drainage, Full Landscape with Lawns, Gardens, Plants, Lighting and Water Features. We also provide a wide range of Hardscape Installation Services including Paving Stones, Basalt and Flag Stones and Retaining Walls.

See our landscape project gallery below for examples of our work.

Water Features

The Soothing Sound of Running Water in a garden or patio can be a focal point of reflective activity or a place of serenity … of relaxing ambience.

A Softened Touch in the Hardscape, water features can be fountains, streams, and waterfalls cascading into pools and ponds.

Size and Features are Limitless and may include low maintenance water plants, and even fish.

Self-contained Recycled Water Supply Requires No Plumbing.
Water is powered by gravity, flowing down into a pool or an underground reservoir and returned to the top with a low-cost energy efficient pump.

Paving Stones

Pavers offer Diversity, Versatility and Longevity.
Pavers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and patterns, textures and colours. They are a natural element of gardens and landscapes.

Groundforce installs pavers on driveways, walkways, patios, pool decks, stairs and sun-decks.

Old World Meets New

Pavers means permanency. The Romans surfaced their roads with paving stones. And for centuries, paving stones have been used in the Netherlands to replace cracked concrete on unstable roads.

Groundforce Landscape Services - Retaining Walls, Flag Stones, Pavers, Water Features


Patchworks of Patterns are limitless with the versatility of flagstone – a type of sandstone, quarried and split into thin low-maintenance paving slabs.

Organically Flowing Stepping Stones draw people along pathways through gardens and yards. Irregular shapes and colours range from earth tones through reds and blues to create a unique look.

No Two Stones are Identical. Individually placed stones can be mixed with ground cover between stones or on the perimeter.

Patio stones are often laid solid with mortar binding each slab.

Flagstone is a non-slip surface and is water permeable – the stone absorbs water.

Retaining Walls

Client Needs + Environmental Issues = Custom Solutions

Groundforce designs and creates durable and pleasing retaining walls for properties with sloped terrain.

Retaining walls coordinate with landscape. They can be low profile self-draining dry-stack walls for elevated garden beds, or high setback walls engineered and built to protect slopes and terraced outdoor spaces.

Retaining walls offer low maintenance and high curb appeal.

Project Gallery

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